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Poly-V belt pulleys

Poly-V pulleys

Material  Profiles Outside diameter
Aluminum RoHS compliant


Min. Ø 10 mm
Max. Ø 800mm

V belt pulleys

  • Statically balanced after making the finish bore
  • Dynamically balanced G6,3 according to DIN ISO 1940-1 on request
  • Superior quality compared to other Asian producers
  • 70% of the V-belt pulley business are specials according to drawing
  • Our aluminium molds provides a precise surface for the groove radius, spokes and any casting surface that need no machining
  • Full-automatic casting line 



Material  Profiles Pitch diameter


Other materials on request

like: GGG40, aluminium, etc.


Min. Ø 50 mm
Max. Ø 3000mm