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JMS Europe B.V.

Timing belt pulleys

  • 25 years of production experience
  • All our pulleys over Ø300mm are statically balanced
  • Annual turnover of our factory $ 8 mln
  • Custom made specials
  • Special surface treatments
  • Both standard or hard anodizing possibilities for aluminium pulleys
  • T and AT pulleys with "0" tooth gap (zero backlash) or "SE" tooth gap (reduced backlash)

Timing belt pulleys2

Tooth shapes Tooth classification Material  Size range

Poly Chain




XL, L, H, XH


Standard quality
class 3

Premium quality
class 2

Superior quality
class 1
(very smooth
tooth surface)

Aluminium, RoHS compliant,
steel flanges, zinc plated

Cast iron (GG25). phosphated,
steel flanges phosphated

Steel blackened,
steel flanges blackened

Stainles steel, flanges
on request stainless steel
Min. O.D. Ø 10mm

Max. O.D. Ø 1100mm

Teeth: 9 till 216









Our flanges are extremely tight becasue of our fine tolerances and know how. The flanges are fixed over the entire circumference with high pressure.
We have a wide range of standard flanges available including aluminium anodized flanges. On request we can screw the flanges according to the drawing below and secure the bolts with loctite according to your specifications.