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Measuring report example of a timing belt pulley

With every new batch we will issue our measuring report. The dimensions mentioned on the drawing are measured as you can see in the table below. We random check according to AQL.
The precise center bores are measured with go/no-go gauge plugs. We even measure both the top circle and axial runout as you can see in both the table below and the picture at the bottom of this page.

Example drawing


No. Inspection item Checking tool Dimension (tolerance) Sample 1 Sample 2
1 Number of teeth Visual  22 OK OK
2 Outside diameter Micrometer Ø54,65 (+0,1/0) 54,74 54,74
Inside bore diameter Gauge plug (go/no-go) Ø20 (+0,021/0) OK OK 
Diameter for mounting the flange Micrometer Ø47 (-0,03/-0,1) 46,95 46,95 
Spigot depth Depthometer 2 (0/-0,1) OK  OK
Keyway width Width gauge (go/no-go) 6 (+0,015/-0,015) OK  OK 
Keyway depth Vernier caliper 22,8 (+0,2/0) 22,84 22,84 
Keyway symmetry Symmetric gauge 0,07 OK OK 
Total length Vernier caliper 24 (+0,2/0)  24,12 24,08 
10  Flange diam. ; thickness ; zinc plating Vernier caliper Ø60 ; 1 OK OK 
11  Top circle runout Mandrel, deflection instrument, dial gauge 0,08  0,04 0,04 
12  Axial runout Mandrel, deflection instrument, dial gauge 0,08  0,03  0,05 
13  Teeth profile Projection HTD 8M  OK  OK 
14  Roughness Roughness reference and visual Ra 3,2 ; Ra 6,3  OK  OK 
15  Appearance Visual Color, wrong machining, corrosion, correct marking, cracks, scratches and other defects  OK  OK 


Measurement of the top circle runout

Our sophisticated anodizing depth measuring equipment is depicted below, we will mention the outcome for you on each measuring report.